1. Get on a plane. Never been on one
  2. Go to any country in Europe
  3. Go to Bali
  4. Go to Langkawi – done. Holiday 2011
  5. Go to Genting Highlands – done. 2012
  6. Go to Redang
  7. Go to Sabah and Sarawak
  8. Go to Pulau Sipadan


  1. Learn Japanese, written and speaking
  2. Buy a cool smartphone (iPhone preferred) – Bought Blackberry in 2013. Not impressed. Update : Bought HTC One X, 2013
  3. Buy a Macbook (Macbook Pro preferred) – done. Macbook Pro 13 inch Mid June 2012.
  4. Buy myself a decent working watch that can last longer than 2 years (current watch : none) – done. Wife bought me a GShock 2011
  5. Buy a better car than Putih, my MyVi
  6. Get married before 28 (I’m engaged btw) Done on 20th May 2010.
  7. Live in rural area (I hate traffic jams) – technically I lived in a rural area in the outskirts of KL.
  8. Join any international gaming competition – done. 2012
  9. Buy some properties
  10. Do hula hoops at least 50 times
  11. Buy my dad a new car – Sister bought a new one for him.


  1. Create a company(currently, I don’t know my status yet) – done. Webrich Enterprise
  2. Create a blog which can give me money in the background (currently is in free blog mode, so no revenues yet)
  3. Create an online store
  4. Create an online advertising gig – done. Bazartudung
  5. Make Virtual Office happen (Just ideas)

Some of my wishlist. Will be updated from time to time.


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