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Why did I abandon my newfound hobby?

27 Jan

Apparently I abandoned my newfound hobby : Magic the Gathering. The story after the jump.

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Bad news!

24 May

Bad news guys. My domain has closed due to lack of funds. So I shall continue my words here.

We have moved!

25 Feb

This blog have been move to ! Thanks all for all your support!

The response to the ‘The ever-arrogant Apple’ post

23 Jul

I’ve read this post today, written by Ken. My first impression after reading the post is I couldn’t agree more. But after thinking for quite some time, I realized that there are some points that I disagree if it comes from a positive side. The response after the jump.

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CMS and me

15 Jul

In a quite hectic of early July I was assigned on doing a research on a new CMF (Content Management Framework, if I’m not mistaken) called Sympal, which is a *kinda* substitute of Drupal, but using Symfony to check whether the CMF is suitable for the project that I will encounter. While I was looking at the Sympal codes and documentation, I feel like I want to look at something else and trying to compare with other popular CMSes, such as Joomla, WordPress, ExpressionsEngine and even MovableType. I even encounter some new CMS that I never heard of like Habari and Silverstripe. I do a little research, installed some of it inside my localhost and made a summary. The summary after the jump.

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