Why did I abandon my newfound hobby?

27 Jan

Apparently I abandoned my newfound hobby : Magic the Gathering. The story after the jump.

What is Magic the Gathering?

It’s the most popular trading card game which was created years ago by someone brilliant. The game actually give addiction a new definition. It came into the world not by storm but the impact did influences a lot of adults today.

When did I start?

Last year around June. It was casual though. I didn’t play any tournaments and playing it just for fun. Went to FNM (Friday Night Magic – the usual night gaming) and played against really high skilled people. The main reason I play the game is mainly because I like the people who play it. They are really nerdy fun kind of people, exactly I fit into. They are so helpful, always teach people new people how to play and stuff.

What happened?

I have no idea. The love of the game just dissipated. I’m not sure what is wrong, but the main problem is the community itself. While some people are playing for the sake of fun, some of them turn the game into something too serious. Those people turned too competitive. They played too seriously and trump all these casual playing guys. While the casual players come to FNM to test out their rogue decks, these over competitive guys will bring out their meta decks (just because they follow the decks won in tournaments) and trump everyone, which kills the fun. That’s why I enjoy sealed decks rather than standard constructed. It’s just way too one sided. My respects to the community starters though because they try hard to fix this issue.

What to do to save this?
First, create a pro group. This pro group will contain pro / competitive / skilled guys. There will be gap between casual and competitive players, yes but this will attract more new players. The guys we know play a little bit competitive we put them in one corner where they can play amongst themselves. They can casually play with the casual guys, with the rule they will play with their own rogue decks in FNMs. Secondly, incentives for deck creators. These people love to create decks and test their decks. These people are usually the geniuses in creating decks, but not that good in playing them. They can test their decks in casual FNMs. If for instance that deck is unbeatable in the FNM night, the deck will be tested against meta decks, where we can see the effectiveness of the deck. If the deck is good, then the deck can go further where it can go into tournaments, etc.

Will I ever play again?
Hell, yes. The love for the game is still there. I’ll definitely play once I feel that the community is ready.

Regardless what the hobby is, whether it is stamps collection or archery, community is important. Make sure the community is strong so that the passion for that something will always there and strong.


One Response to “Why did I abandon my newfound hobby?”

  1. Amir Hamzah (@overlord_666) January 27, 2014 at 7:18 pm #

    I totally stop playing MTG since around 2004/5. Been playing it since 1998/9. The reason? No playing community at my hometown. That time, either KL or Singapore.

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