High Definition (1080p) Movies worth the watch

11 Oct
Cover of "Finding Nemo [Region 2]"

Cover of Finding Nemo

I just bought a SAMSUNG 40-inch Full HD TV. Well, worth every penny buying it. I was so bored at home, so I have a discussion with my wife about buying a TV. We have our budget and we thought that we can only buy a 37-inch or a 32-inch. But we were wrong. Senheng Electrical Shop at Danau Kota gave us a bargain and we kinda get a 40-inch instead on a 37-inch price. Well, the rest is history.

Anyway, back to the topic. I googled for lists of worth watch movies on High Definition and I compiled my own of must watch and already watched. The list after the jump.

1. How To Train Your Dragon

I already have this movie in my possession but haven’t got the correct player nor the TV to watch yet. But since I already got the TV, I watch and I was amazed on how cool the movie is. A must watch for kids. I love it the scene where the dragon braked airborne after plunging down on their first test drive. Even I took a deep breath.

Video : 8/10

Audio : 9/10

2. Avatar

I want to watch this movie on HD since I already seen a sample once at a Sony Shop somewhere in Midvalley.

3. Oceans

A Disney documentary on life of the oceans. Will watch it once the Bluray is out. (I hope I got Bluray by that time).

4. All Disney Animated Movies

Got a long list of it. And wanna see it one by one. Starting with Finding Nemo and Up.

5. Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

I would love if I get my hands on one of my favourite trilogy ever.

6. Star Wars Series

And of course the geeky in me want to see this must see. 😀

7. The New Star Trek (The JJ Abrams one)

Another geek movie for me. Just love the soundtrack and the cast.

Upcoming Movies

8. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

This movie is what others claimed as one of awesome slow mo scenes of all time. Can’t wait for the Bluray.

9. Scott Pilgrims vs The World

I want to see this movie at the cinema, and will see it again for the Bluray.

10. Sucker Punch

Yup, the last. Can’t wait for the epicness. 😀

Although most of the movies I haven’t watched yet, but I promise you I will post the reviews of the movies here.



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