After a month of..

8 Sep

After a month of busy-ness, with work and other stuff, I finally thought of creating a new post for my blog. Well, it is not because I am really busy. It’s just that I do not have the time to post one. 😀

Anyway, proceed with the post. A month passed by and I actually found a lot of things during this period. One main thing that I found is I got addicted into blog reading and tweeting. Seriously.

Moving, again

I have moved, again. Now I am located at Taman Melati, Setapak. So, feel free to come during Hari Raya. 😀

P/S : I really need to move this blog into a server. T.T

Blog reading

I have found several blogs that caught my attention while I’m during lunch time. This is because I don’t go to a lunch break, instead I surf to kill time. Some of the blogs are :

  1. Smashpop – because this guy have a similar job to mine.
  2. Xiaxue – everybody read this girl.
  3. Cikgu Mardiah – my friend’s blog. Islamic.

But there are some blogs that got good contents, but I noticed that I never came back to read other posts, because of the design. Seriously Malaysian blogs need to change. They need to change the way they design, write, and even take pictures as well!

Take example a newbie blog. It is about himself and his life. It’s okay. But the design is so eye candy, the blog looks like a blog for a girl instead! Even he took pictures of himself  like a girl. Since that day, I never visit his blog ever again. Obviously the blogger need to change the blog inside and out.

Some blogs contains songs that sometimes soothes and some irritates me. For those who have songs embedded inside their blog, please make a stop button so that we can turn off the song.

Writing. 2 out of 3 blogs I read for the past month is unreadable. This is because the bloggers love to write mix-cap. Meaning they love to write like this : ‘aQ mAkAn NaSi HaRi Ini’. How irritating is that? It will make people can’t read the crap! Plus, they write in total nonsense without making a single point. What’s the point writing a blog post without any point in it?

I hate atheist

I hate atheist not because of what they believe in (science), but the way they said it. I just hate them. If you don’t like it, why don’t you keep it to yourself? Why bother to tell everybody that you are an atheist? You did not even have to tell everybody to join you, unlike us.

Classic songs

I started hearing classic songs, like Beethoven, Dvorak, Mozart, Bach, etc. It started when I started to watch Nodame Cantabile jdramas. Trust me, it’s cool.

But what I notice about the songs is, most of the songs got a part where it sounds like a war is going on. It’s kinda weird.


There are a lot of kids nowadays carry DSLRs. They seems like they love photography, but trust me the real lovers of photography did not carry DSLRs on their necks anywhere they went. Pro photographers seldom show their gears, from what I saw from a number of pro photographers I know. They even bring a simple digital camera for any simple events like hanging out with friends or having lunch. They know when to turn pro.

So, I tell you if you like to carry a DSLR on your neck anywhere you went, then you are a ‘poyozer’.


I am currently helping a friend setting up an e-commerce site which should be using Magento. I love Magento because of the ease of use and the features it has. But the server hosting which my friend bought does not support pdo_mysql which is a required php extension for Magento. Sad. Well, I need to find new solutions to replace Magento. Any suggestions?


I am addicted to tweeting, I checked my tweetdeck like several times per 5 mins. I am following 900++ and 300++ following me. Trust me the tweet feed is faster than my eyes blink. I really hope that I can reduce my addictiveness to tweeting.


Ramadhan is the month when Muslims have their body cleansed by fasting. It is a good practice and currently my body is slimmer by the day. LOL. It is almost Eid Fitr by the way and the Ramadhan is almost over. T.T

Anyway, I would like to wish everybody Happy Eid Fitr!



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