The response to the ‘The ever-arrogant Apple’ post

23 Jul

I’ve read this post today, written by Ken. My first impression after reading the post is I couldn’t agree more. But after thinking for quite some time, I realized that there are some points that I disagree if it comes from a positive side. The response after the jump.

The iPhone 4 free case issue

Why Apple bother to come out with a free case anyway? Of course they wanted to save their customers from going away. On the negative side, Apple did a horrible job on the new iPhone 4 because of the network issue but they actually have found the solution, and that’s it. Plus, they giving it away for free. What if they charge for each case? Wouldn’t it will be a nightmare and more arrogant they would be?

They wanted to out-compute companies like IBM and HP

In fact, both computing giants are out-computing each other since the beginning of computer era. Imagine if Apple did not try to compete with them, will there be personal computing? What’s left for us are business computing, nothing more. Apple defines themselves as a computing company who uses a different approach when it comes to creating products. This we all agree. Who are we wanted to punish them for being themselves?

Apple loves to create what the future of computing looks like. For instance, they cut out floppy disks because they wanted to create a new type of product which can handles more data, while floppy disks are just too ‘present’. Without Apple, we will just as like we are several years ago, using Floppy disks and stuck at 1.44MB forever.

Apple creates a wrong way to sell music

Who are we to say that the music industry should be this way and we must not use other way? In fact, Sony themselves also creates a new way to sell music : through CDs. Why don’t we say they are arrogant instead? Why Apple? Apple just continuing what Sony have started. Imagine today if we are still stick with CDs, how does music today will ever survived? Napster was the real starters for the new way to sell music. At first, they do it for free, which come out as ‘not fair’ for music creators. And they started to sell, and Apple just come out a better way to do it by using their products (iPod) as the tool to play the songs. Sony on the other hand also developed just the same thing. Other electronics giants also took their part on creating this ‘new way to sell’ music. But they just not good enough, compared to Apple.


The best thing ever happened yet to the phone industry is this. The iPhone. Why? Yet again, it defines what the future should look like. And Nokia and Motorola follow suit. They even increase their R&D to create a better phone to compete with the iPhone. For me, telecommunications giants are too slow when it comes to creating new technology. Apple just doing it their way.


For me, Apple is considered as creators. Not inventors. Other people invents the technology, Apple just uses them all to create anything. Apple thought the people who should create products in their own line of industry are too slow.  They actually found a way to speed things up. They just could not wait to the future to come. They defines themselves are people who can do anything. And they do, for now. We should thankful that there are Apple. They wanted for us all to see what future looks like. And I am really thankful.


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