CMS and me

15 Jul

In a quite hectic of early July I was assigned on doing a research on a new CMF (Content Management Framework, if I’m not mistaken) called Sympal, which is a *kinda* substitute of Drupal, but using Symfony to check whether the CMF is suitable for the project that I will encounter. While I was looking at the Sympal codes and documentation, I feel like I want to look at something else and trying to compare with other popular CMSes, such as Joomla, WordPress, ExpressionsEngine and even MovableType. I even encounter some new CMS that I never heard of like Habari and Silverstripe. I do a little research, installed some of it inside my localhost and made a summary. The summary after the jump.


This is one of the earliest CMS I’ve ever learned. I was with my Stampede team and they told me a lot about Joomla. For once I thought it is the most awesome CMS in the world. It is still stands in the first pick for me if any website needed to be created.

Advantages : Full feature, a lot of components, quite easy to customize, easy templating.

Disadvantages : Security issues.


I am using it now. I mean, literally using it now. Of course, dude. I am using WordPress hosting.

Advantages : Great for content creators, a big yes for bloggers.

Disadvantages : A small no for a full featured website. It is quite good for a small website, but not for enterprises.

Expressions Engine

This CMS is derived from one of the best PHP framework ever created : Codeigniter. It is rich, a lot of features but I haven’t got into templating with this CMS. There are some websites that are using EE, such as Veerle’s Blog. Oh, she even have her own redesigning explanation for her site, which can be found here.

Advantages : A great CMS where Web Developers around the world using it. Great base core although not full featured.

Disadvantages : Not free for commercial use and support.


The CMS most of web developers use before Expressions Engine was born. Using PERL as their main language, I am not that fond of the CMS as I am not good in PERL.

Advantages : Highly customizable.

Disadvantages : For me, PERL.


This CMS is still new. A lot of Javascript effects here and there at the backend. Cool. Looking forward using it once it is fully released.

Advantages : Eye candy.

Disadvantages : Still in testing phase.


This CMS is *kinda* pro-Microsoft. I dunno but I think the developers are all whether former or currently Microsoft employees, or they just too geeky. :peace:

Advantages : Highly recommended for Windows Server users. Easy to install and cross platform.

Disadvantages : Need to check. 😛

There you have it. The list of CMS I have been researched for the past week.


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