World Cup Final 2010 Result – Holland 0 vs Spain 1

12 Jul

The world cup fever had ended. My favourite team since 1994 is Holland. Yes. The Holland who lost last night. I don’t care. I have been supporting them since 1994. Good try, Oranje. More bits and pieces after the jump.

Why I choose Holland? At first because they got some really talented and respected players in Football history. 1994 is the era of Dennis Bergkamp, final World Cup of Frank Rijkaard, Marc Overmars, Frank De Boer, Ronald De Boer, and new star van der Sar. The good news is most of the players are playing in their domestic league and they charge until quarter-finals of 1994 World Cup. And during that time, nobody in my country wants to support them. Simple.

This year the Holland team is seeded third and the expectations they qualify until quarter finals. They won their group stage with Japan, Denmark and Cameroon on the same group. They beat Slovakia at Top 16, beat Brazil in quarter finals (although everybody thought they lost this game), beat Uruguay in Semi finals but lost to cheating Spaniards in the final.

It’s a good try Oranje although they should change van Persie instead substituting De Jong who have been superb in the middle defending Iniesta from going further. And they should change their flanks. Robben always thought that he can get through from the right side, while the weakest side of Spain is left. Pique cannot cope with Robben’s speed and van Marwijk did not see this. Plus, Sneijder always make silly tries.

The referee also make silly decisions by ‘waving’ his yellow cards early in the game. This made the game look dull in the second half where players making sure they did not make silly mistakes.

Anyway, the rest is history. Spain had won their first World Cup (although they have one of the biggest league in the world) and this is their time. Congratulations, Spain. Oh, another thing, Casillas is a crybaby. LOL. Heck, even I will cry if I have won that.



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