WAP and farewell

5 Jul

As for 1st of July 2010, we have miss one of best of my friends here in Motionworks. He is a funny man and although I’m not quite know him well, but so far he is a nice young man. What I want to tell you guys about is what he had done on the last day of his days at Motionworks and what is the connection between him and WAP. The story after the jump.

His name is Amir. And yes, for Motionworkers who read this it was him. We all knew him as crazy, talkative and  funniest guy in the office. But well, one good worker always have a better place to go. He’s not dead yet, you idiots. He just went to a better office called Cyber Security in Seri Kembangan.  And although I only spend some time with him but already a lot of moments that have been remembered, specifically on his last day at Motionworks.

On his last day at Motionworks, there is one issue that arose on one of our clients’ WAP site. Although it was his last day, he concentrated on make the site happen by helping Grey finding the right combination of working scripts so that everybody who have a mobile phone with the good ol’ WAP2.0 can see the site just like what the peeps who have a smartphone / mobile browser see. Well, that was complex, isn’t it? But hey, they did manage to finish the site at the end of the day although Aaron said the site cannot put on live yet. Oh well. Oh, I forgot that afternoon we all go to Nando’s for a farewell party for him.

After office hours ended,  Suffian took him to a badminton night out and I also joined in with my wife and my old colleague : Nazim with his GF. It was a great night where I played the last hour of the night with Amir until the end. We even beat Nazim and a brother who is quite experienced in badminton in a close call game. I was tired because of laughing instead of because of playing. 😀 Anyway, we really enjoy that day very much.

Last words, Amir : take care of yourself and keep in touch!



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