The state of my old college’s website

22 Jun

I haven’t been around websites much lately but I felt my college’s website calling me to take a look. It was normal that I knew they done it using Joomla! as the whole University is crazy about the CMS. But the most shocking part is the design! It made me saying, ‘What the heck is going on??’ More ranting after the jump.I have no idea who made the website revamping, I suspect someone who had *almost* zero knowledge of website usability, let alone designing websites.

The university I talking about is Universiti Utara Malaysia. Here’s a preview of the main page. You can check the website out here as we go along the way.

Web Usability

Basically there is nothing wrong with the website overall, but the main pages contained mainly news and some links at the right. I am no expert on web usability, but we have to introduce the university first rather than showing the latest news. This is not a news site where news are important. No. What is important for a college website is the information of the university, instead of what is happening in the campus. Right sidebar links are okay, but needed to be sorted according to priorities. For example, the About Us links should be at the top while the Spotlight can be pushed down. Another example is the government links at the near footer should be placed at the footer instead of putting it at before the ‘Information Links’. User will think that the government links are the links that should be looked first although there are no information whatsoever about the university inside the sites linked.

Webmaster needs to sit down with UI and UCD experts so that they can consult to you for a better layout and usability.


The most shocking part of the website is the design. It was a free template. Yes. It was free. This means that the varsity management did not give enough resources to webmaster to change the way the website show and promote the university. And quite frankly, the website over the years is getting worse and worse. And this is the worst yet.

What I know is bureaucracy made the UUM website evolved into worse. I personally think that the varsity needs to change on how to promote their campus and the website is a big step towards a better university overall.

Great College Sites

Below are links to great college sites. Take a peek and compare them yourself.

What do you think? Do comment so that I can seriously thinking of revamping their website for free.


2 Responses to “The state of my old college’s website”

  1. Grey July 1, 2010 at 8:41 pm #

    One of the biggest problems of many Malaysian organizations and many corporations is that they don’t give a damn about design.

    As long as it’s up there, it has what I want it to have, yeah, that’s fine with me. Who cares. Paying $$$ for design? Thats for pussies!

    Thank God there are people who think otherwise. 😛

    • akmalfikri July 5, 2010 at 9:29 am #

      Design. Yeah. Right now what Malaysians are focused now is usability and functions. What they don’t know is that usability and functions can be increased by design. It is time we act to show that Malaysia isn’t a artless place after all.

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