Motionworks is in motion

21 Jun

A lot of things happened since my last post, and a recap of all of it will be shown after the jump.

My life as a husband

20th May 2010, I became a husband to the love of my life, Zatul Iffah. It is a really different experience to me as before this I was all me. And now it is all us. Now that is different. Pictures of the reception? Maybe later. Still haven’t edited yet.

My life as a Web Developer

I hate to say this, but instead of calling me a programmer, I’d rather people call me web developer. Because I am not just a programmer. I also do database design, have to create all forms and functions, not just programs systems. And I just started another step in my life. I started working at Motionworks Sdn Bhd.  A very friendly, out-of-this-world company which has a very visionary boss. Heck, this entry is even typed while I am in the office. Anyway, I really hoped that I would stay here much longer and I really hope that my skill sets also will also increase. A lot of Otai here, even our Project Manager is a familiar face.

Anyway, pray for me so that  I can continue my journey in life so that I can still make ‘ibadah’ to Allah.

See ya.


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