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It’s been a month

29 Jun

It’s been a month I have been a husband. So now I actually finished my first half of my life already. I missed all the friends and all the fun I had when I was still a bachelor. Of course there are ups and downs. But for most of all, I am what I am if not because of my past. So, here’s a recap of me and my history after the jump. Note : for some reason, not all facts are correct, since most of them I already forgot.

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The state of my old college’s website

22 Jun

I haven’t been around websites much lately but I felt my college’s website calling me to take a look. It was normal that I knew they done it using Joomla! as the whole University is crazy about the CMS. But the most shocking part is the design! It made me saying, ‘What the heck is going on??’ More ranting after the jump. Continue reading

Changed the looks of the blog, again..

22 Jun

After a lot of browsing and scrolling, I felt that I need a theme change. Of course I am actually a fan of more customizable themes, but in the meantime, I am still in a free wordpress mode. When I have the hands on a new domain, I’ll  love it if I can get some of the themes such as :

  1. Slanted – Woothemes – A really cool theme if you are artsy.
  2. Strukture – Themebaker – A really cool blue clean theme.
  3. Unite – Themeforest – Nice magazine design theme

Well, there you have it. A list of three themes that I wanted the most ‘if’ I got my hands on my own domain.

See ya.

Motionworks is in motion

21 Jun

A lot of things happened since my last post, and a recap of all of it will be shown after the jump.

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