2009 – The end of another year and another decade (Ep. 2)

2 Jan
Manchester United won the 2008/ 2009 Premier League

Manchester United won the 2008/ 2009 Premier League

Here’s the continuation from my previous post. We will continue with another 3 months of 2009 roundup. The list after the jump.


My status : Currently working with Stampede, but well not that long. (I’m an idiot, giving away precious oppurtunity). It is a great company with great people, Shaza, Dov, and Shaiful. This team is freaking awesome but I did not fit there.

Interesting news :

  1. Conficker news terror the world but it is just a hoax. April Fool.
  2. Najib Tun Razak becomes 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. On force or on vote?
  3. Rio Ferdinand got his own magazine. Killer.
  4. Movies of the month : Fast and Furious, 17 Again


My status : Quit from Stampede Design. Got a job with a recommendation by a friend at the end of the month. Cara Com My Media. Interesting story is about how I got my job by defeating the CEO of the company on Guitar Heroes : Metallica. Sick.

Interesting News :

  1. Manchester United won the Premier League, again, for the third time, in succession. Glory2 Man Utd!
  2. Chelsea didn’t even make it to Champions League Finals. Sad news. Again.
  3. Movies of the month : X-Men Origins : Wolverine, Angels and Demons, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, Up


My status : Working with Cara Com My Media is cool. A cool place to work and a cool place to learn. I learnt a lot while I was there. We also have students as colleagues. Amirul and Cepot. Two nice kids with a lot of potential. But it was too relaxed. Too relaxed. With a PS3 in the office which can be turned on anytime, this office is like a mini Google office but it was not as productive as theirs. I bought my first car days after my birthday. It’s a Myvi.

Interesting news :

  1. Manchester United lost the Champions League trophy to Barcelona. Sad news.
  2. Ryan Giggs won Player’s Player of The Year.
  3. Movies of the month : Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (on my birhtday, :P),  The Proposal

Hm, not much news for the next 3 months. Anyway, see you later for the next part!


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