2009 – The end of another year and another decade.

1 Jan

2009, another year have passed and another great decade. I read a lot of newspapers rounding up the best and the worst happened throughout the year and I wanted to do my list also, with events that affected my life and of course the world.  The list after the jump.


My status : Currently working at Symphony BCSIS Sdn Bhd as IT Support. Nice working environment, bad operations management, worst supervisor’s attitude, (not you ah Shermaine, nor you Chun Yee). I love working there. A lot of friends and a lot had learnt. How to cope with pressure, how to communicate with colleagues, how to manage people and most of it is how to respect people.

This time of year is quite slow but crucial on some parts of me. Interesting events occurred during that time :

  1. Felipe Scolari sacked. Shocking.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo won World’s Best Player. Not so shocking.
  3. H1N1 spreading throughout the world. Very shocking. Caused panic in some countries.
  4. Heath Ledger died at 28.
  5. Movies of the month : Taken, Inkheart


My status : At the end of the month, I quit post at Symphony because of the end of my contract. On the same time, I search for some alternatives including Kreateevee and Stampede Design.

  1. Ah long made headlines all over the country with the chaining of their victims. Sad.
  2. I returned to Twitting but not that much.
  3. Michael Phelps smoked pot, caught on camera.
  4. Movie of the month : Confessions of a Shopaholic


My status : Got job offer in Stampede Design as a PHP Programmer although been asked whether wanted to change into Web designer. Since I’m not that good in design but good in CSS, I don’t want to risk anything.

  1. Movies of the month : Watchmen, Knowing.
  2. Earth Hour on 28th. Cool.

That’s a wrap from the first quarter of the year. Or is it just 1st 3 months? Anyway, I will continue in the next part of ‘2009 – The end of another year and another decade’. See you later. Akmal out.


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