Holiday Mode

28 Dec

What is Holiday Mode? A Holiday Mode is when the calendar ‘accidentally’ have a quite number of holidays in a small period of time. Eg : The whole month of December 2009. Starting from Eid Adha until New Year. Every Friday of the week, we got holidays. Woah. So, it’s get boring if I don’t have anything to do but it seems that since the beginning of December I enjoyed a lot of holidays. A LOT.

There are 3 things I will usually do if I’m in Holiday Mode :

  1. Playing Heroes of Newerth – this is a classic usual thing I do if the Holiday Mode kicked off. This game is so addictive, I cannot stop once I start. I even convinced some of my colleagues to play with me during the evening. My favorite heroes : Moon Queen, Voodoo Jester, Pestilence, Arachna. My most hated hero : Scout. Really hate him and will find him 1st every time in battle. Oh, FYI, you guys can see my online stat at the Games page. The downside is I cannot play if no Internet.
  2. Gone Travelling / Sigtseeing – another activity that I would do in this time of year. Usually during this time of the year, lots of wedding invitation received. Be it from far away : Sarawak, or just next door. Most of far away invitations I could not make it for the nature of my finance and time. This year I managed to go to Wahyu’s and my cousin Sham’s wedding. Both using conventional type of wedding with adat Melayu and all.
  3. Sleeping – The ultimate activity in Holiday Mode. I can sleep for 18 hours just because I do not have anything to do. So, the sleep is the best option. This is to make sure that I have covered all my sleepless nights of working and games.

Anyway, what you do during the holidays is yours to make, but make sure what you do you make it worth and enjoy it.

Note : I am digging for Morning Musume right now. lol


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