What did I do in the past week?

15 Dec

Updated : Added some photos for the week.

Here’s a recap of what I have done in the past week :

The past week, I was quite busy with all my tight schedules plus no Internet except in the office. Anyway, the life still goes on, boringly.. (Jeez, what kind of word is boringly?). The list after the jump.

  1. Returned to Twitter. It seems that Twitter’s influence have bring me back to twittering. I have a widget on the sidebar on this blog, but of course you can also can follow me here. For the time being, my following list mostly designers, developers and and social bloggers alike.
  2. Went to Ade Wahyu’s Wedding. Ade Wahyu (an Indonesian friend of mine) married on 5th December 2009. He married to his love, Era (forgot her name, snap!) who is from Malaysia. The reception was held at Kampung Gajah, Perak. Pictures will be uploaded soon.
  3. Went to Kellie’s Castle. We also went to Kellie’s Castle after the reception. The castle is located near the venue, so we went and take a look. The castle is quite spooky, as it was never completed. You can check out the history and the stories behind the castle here.
  4. Went swimming at Ulu Yam. Here is the best part of the week. Gone swimming. Although Ulu Yam is not as great as Kota Tinggi waterfalls, it still attracts us (Alif, Zul, Sue, Iffah and me) to went to the same place for the fourth time (for me). The water is quite cold and I have not been swimming for quite a long time, 3 months to be exact. So a refreshing moments for all of us. There will be pics later. So, stay put.
  5. Returned to Heroes of Newerth. Heroes of Newerth is a RTS which you will control a single hero to obtain the objective. It is very similar to DoTA Map for Warcraft III. The game is still under beta testing and I actually one of the lucky gamers who can test this game out. Folow their facebook page if you want to get the beta key for the game, they offer them from time to time. You can check out my stats for the game at the Games page.

Anyway, although it is a boring week, I conclude that the week is quite relaxing. But nevertheless, I still need internet to play, write and update you all. Want to sponsor me an internet line? DM me in my twitter. LOL. See you guys later.

Updated : Pics related to this post


One Response to “What did I do in the past week?”

  1. KoN December 16, 2009 at 2:24 pm #

    why dont u add sumthing bout me been at ur former PV6 condo…haha….dont care, LOL….hows ur day?…erm…me? bored…so damn bored….actually, rite now im at UUM, Fuckin’BznezPlan-Competition is going on…yeah….damn fu*kin bznez plan…(really hate dat)….waaaa……huhu….
    k…gtg….already started…next 1 hour, my turn to present….SH!T…ja’

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