What today’s papers say (2nd December 2009)

2 Dec

I accidentally read some online newspapers today and here’s a recap of some interesting news and what’s going on in the world and Malaysia today.

Kosmo –  Sistem baru subsidi petrol Mei 2010

Here is a ‘good’ news to Malaysian where the government wanted to restructure the petrol subsidy program which will be launched in May 2010. It stated that only Mykad holders will be eligible to the subsidy whilst tourists and foreigners will not get the subsidy. This will ensure that the subsidy will only be given to Malaysians.

My comment :  What I see that there will be : 1. Petrol price will rise, again. 2. There will be a revamp of the existing system where the Mykad scanners will be added to all petrol stations throughout the country. This will cost the government, but as usual will go into their crony’s pockets instead. What about petrol stations in the rural area where there are still people who didn’t have their Mykad? Even so, this action will also promote Mykad theft. (I will discuss about my experience with Mykad later.)

Berita Harian – Mahkamah tolak saman 816 bekas ketua kampung

816 (although according to Kosmo, its 817) ex head of villages were trying to sue Perak State Government for their dismissal of their posts. According to the judge, their post is not contract related and their post should be filled by government-side (BN) people.

My comment : According to what I read before, during the rule of Pakatan Rakyat (PR), the existing head of villages was given a new mandate instead of fired them and appoint new head of villages, meaning that they were actually head of villages even before the rule of PR. This dismissal is so unethical. The judge’s surely is politically affected and did not check the whole situation.

The Star OnlineGovernment planning to end sugar subsidy to promote healthy living

The Government may remove its subsidy on sugar as a way to get Malaysians to become more healthy. The removal of the subsidy could increase the price of sugar by almost 70%, and this should discourage people from consuming so much of it. Currently, the Government spends about RM720mil a year subsidising sugar.

My comment : After a new petrol subsidy structure planned out in May 2010, the government again wanted to rise the sugar prices. Meaning : 1. Sugar price will be 70% higher, (now RM 1.50/kg, then RM RM2.45/kg) 2. Food prices will become higher (at least 30-40% higher!) This is 1Malaysia. (P/S : Why on earth we subsidize sugar anyway, we already exported sugar!)
A recap : Next year will be the year of the rising prices of goods.


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