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Jams and how to cope with it

30 Dec

A view of a common traffic jam in Malaysia (courtesy of backpackingmalaysia)

Traffic jams are usual scenes. Be it you are at New York, Singapore or maybe Dhaka. But the massive jams mostly occurs on mornings where people on their way to work. I’m no expert in this but after some observation and experience after a year working in KL, I found some rather interesting facts and some tips on how to cope and how to solve this sometimes stressful scenes. Facts and tips after the jump.

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Holiday Mode

28 Dec

What is Holiday Mode? A Holiday Mode is when the calendar ‘accidentally’ have a quite number of holidays in a small period of time. Eg : The whole month of December 2009. Starting from Eid Adha until New Year. Every Friday of the week, we got holidays. Woah. So, it’s get boring if I don’t have anything to do but it seems that since the beginning of December I enjoyed a lot of holidays. A LOT.

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What did I do in the past week?

15 Dec

Updated : Added some photos for the week.

Here’s a recap of what I have done in the past week :

The past week, I was quite busy with all my tight schedules plus no Internet except in the office. Anyway, the life still goes on, boringly.. (Jeez, what kind of word is boringly?). The list after the jump.

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What the papers say? #2

10 Dec

This is considered as a revised version of  ‘What today’s papers say’ by me. I just renamed it so that people would understand that I can’t post everyday since not everyday interesting things would happen. Some of the days were just normal. Followed by quite a number of readers read my last ‘What today’s papers say’ I continue the tradition with the second issue.

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My Mykad Experience

3 Dec

I remade my Mykad when I was turned 18. It was 6 years ago. My face was surely different from my previous Mykad.

1. Yesterday I went to a bank in Subang Jaya to create a new account since my current employer only giving cheques for our salaries. So, I went to the counter and said that I wanted to open an account, today as I need my money to pay my rent, and my car loan. The executive (I think) asked for my Mykad and I gave it to her. She said that the card cannot be detected. As I expected. So, I cannot open the account because of my Mykad. Instead, she asked my for some documentation which stated that I lived in Malaysia. It’s okay since I can use my offer letter and my pay slip. Mykad cannot be detected. Hm.

2. Another experience is when I went to Tabung Haji, to cash out some of my savings for my move back to KL. As I expected, my Mykad cannot be detected. Thankfully that I can use my license and use both license and Mykad as proof. This happened last month.

3. Another experience just happened a year after I change my Mykad. I went to JPA to check whether I am eligible to apply a JPA scholarship. Because of my Mykad cannot be detected, I cannot check for my application. Instead, I check it online. Hm.

All of the experiences I will follow up with a visit to JPN and check whether I need to replace the card. 1. Maju Junction Mall, 2. Muar, 3. Alor Setar. Apparently, only my last visit to JPN (Maju Junction Mall) that I was told that my Mykad was supposed to be replaced, while the previous visit they said that my Mykad was fine.

When will the government increase the security of our Mykad, which is important as our identities is inside there?