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Hello World!

30 Nov

This is supposedly a sample post from WordPress, but nah. I edit this for my own purpose. This is my place from now on after was shut down because of my 2008-2009 financial crisis. Albeit, here it is, a free blog for me to express myself. But, I still haven’t found any new material nor any subjects that can pull readers to read my site, apart from DoTA or Heroes of Newerth, (which I am still on hiatus of no Internet), my job (I got a new job, so not much news here), or maybe about my *almost* pathetic life.

Anyhow, here’s a summary following from last year’s hiatus, I’ve got a new job (this is the 4th job), my skill set is still the same and I have already wasted a whole year to do that.  Although I am in a tiny little startup which still in a startup called Advance Matrix Sdn Bhd, because of my lack of time plus a lot of things to do, I was almost beheaded by my own share partners. Thus, here I am, on a job which I am not certain what’s in front of me any longer. I want something else. Something that I can open my eyes with and realized that in this life I have something that I want and I aim for. I am still looking for it. And sure hell will.

For those people who read this and have any idea of what should I do to improve myself, or just a two cents on what kind of subjects that I can post around here, give me a comment. Or maybe leave the comments blank since I don’t think that this blog will be read by anybody.