Why did I abandon my newfound hobby?

27 Jan

Apparently I abandoned my newfound hobby : Magic the Gathering. The story after the jump.

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Magically Addictive.

14 Oct

I’ve into Magic : the Gathering for some time now. 4 months to be exact. I was casual player, not really into tournaments and stuff. Just like to play it casually Friday nights.

I was a casual player. Now something went wrong. I got addicted to it. Everyday I think what do I need to do to counter this spells, or kill that creature, etc. I even have my own signature deck which is a mono-black-deathtouch-lifegain-sanguine-devotion deck. Let’s call it lifedeath deck. Here’s the list :

Main Deck


4 x Festering Newt
4 x Thrill Kill Assassin
4 x Agents of Fates
3 x Nightveil Spectre
2 x Bogbrew Witch
2 x Liliana Reaver
2 x Gray Merchant of Asphodel
1 x Erebos, God of the Dead


4 x Doomblade
2 x Hero’s Downfall
2 x Whip of Erebos
4 x Boon of Erebos
2 x Crypt Incursion
2 x Sanguine Bond
1 x Bubbling Cauldron

1 x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
20 x Swamp

4 x Baleful Eidolon
3 x Read the Bones
2 x Corrupt
2 x Nightmare
2 x Nighthowler

What do you think? Crypt with Sanguine Bond is a bomb enough, provided that all my creatures are in my graveyard.

New Adventure

1 Oct

I’m happy to announce that I joined Sedunia Travel Sdn Bhd as a Web Developer. I’m new to the travel industry but I’m excited with all the opportunities that will come. And hope that I’ll stick around for a long time.


Bad news!

24 May

Bad news guys. My domain has closed due to lack of funds. So I shall continue my words here.

We have moved!

25 Feb

This blog have been move to http://blog.akmalfikri.com ! Thanks all for all your support!